Mei Lun Xue, Ryan Luke Johns, and Stephen Fan

House of Cards

1.5 rooms gallery

207 Kosciuszko Street (3rd floor)

Brooklyn, New York 11216


House of Cards originates from a series of blackjack games and terminates in a physical house of cards, using both manual and automated labor. Against a soundscape of casino and restaurant, the gallery is denatured and transformed through productive leisure. As the card games progress, participants reveal the essential value of human error, and how a game of chance might be harnessed in the creation of built space. The promise of automation lies in infallibility and durability, but is architecture resulting from automated labor actually a house of cards?

Stephen Fan is a designer and urbanist, working on informal economies and architectures in marginalized communities. Ryan Luke Johns teaches architectural design and researches on workflows between complex materials and machines. Mei Lun Xue is an architect whose other interests include performance, visual art, and labor in the textile community. Their work was last shown in the Oslo Architecture Triennale in 2016.

Image credit: House of Cards, courtesy of Mei Lun Xue, Ryan Luke Johns, Stephen Fan


Presented by 1.5 Rooms gallery

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