Forever and A Day: Archiving Performa

This day-long conference poses the challenge of imagining a comprehensive performance archive to a series of artists, activists, and scholars. With the recent acquisition of the Performa Archives by NYU’s Fales Library, Performa is on course to develop its online archive to house the past twelve years of the biennial’s activities. At a time when performance art’s prominence intensifies within the larger artistic culture and community today, this conference seeks to develop an expansive conception of “archive” that goes beyond physical and digital items to consider the Performa archive as a collection of ideas, activities, and experiences that have a life of their own.

The day begins with a series of short presentations from artists who​se practices revolve around ​archives. Drawing upon their previous experiences as well as archive case studies, Performa artists and panelists will propose new digital platforms, designs, software, and syllabi for establishing the foundation of Performa’s archives.

Organized by Marc Arthur, ​Head of Research and ​Archives at Performa. 


Image credit: Boris Chamatz, Musée de la Danse: Expo Zéro, Performa 11. Photo© Paula Court.