Kendell Geers



329 Broome Street #1

New York, NY 10002

Durational performance, timed entry every 30 minutes. 


$15 general/$10 students

A man and a woman stand off in poetic battle, holding between them a double sided mirror using only their body weight and pressure to keep it from falling. If either loses their step or fails to resist, both will fall and the illusion shattered. The struggle with the image transforms with time into a battle of spirit and energy as physical exhaustion takes its toll. Neither can see the other and stares blindly at the reflected image of their own naked torso, cut at the waist with the legs of their partner in an androgynous portrait of Ritualised Resistance.

Image credit: Kendell Geers, RitualResist, 2017. Photos © Paula Court. Courtesy of Performa.


Curated by Juan Puntes, WhiteBox Artistic Director and Curatorial Associate Amanda Ryan. Supported by Liza Essers - Goodman Gallery, Stephen Friedman Gallery, Jonathan Jawno, sAffCA - Southern African Foundation For Contemporary Art, and Wendy Fisher and the South African Pavilion Committee.

Co-presented by WhiteBox

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