Kemang Wa Lehulere

I cut my skin to liberate the splinter

The Connelly Theater

220 E 4th Street
New York, NY 10009

$25, $15

Cape Town artist Kemang Wa Lehulere creates a new set of machines—sculptural instruments—for his collaborators to play, working with theater director Chuma Sopotela to conduct actions and movements borrowed from children’s games.  The artist also composes an accompanying sound work that was galvanized by Cosmic Africa, the 2003 documentary about Thebe Medupe, an astrophysicist who traveled throughout the continent and shared knowledge about the universe, ancient artwork in Namibia and Egypt, and myths with villagers along the way. The artist’s Commission bridges these planes of knowledge with constellations drawn from indigenous astrology, tribal wisdom, and religious rites.  

Image credit: Kemang Wa Lehulere, Red Winter in Gugulethu 2016. Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town and Johannesburg


Curated by RoseLee Goldberg. Supported by the Ford Foundation, the Performa Commissioning Fund and the Performa 17 South African Pavilion Committee.

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