Kelly Nipper

Terre Mécanique

Venue to be announced

$25, $15

In collaboration with MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab, Kelly Nipper presents a live performance for her Performa Commission for the Performa 17 biennial. Terre Mécanique is an installation for five performers in a rapid liquid printing laboratory.  Rooted in Laban movement systems, photographic mechanisms, and 3D printing, this new work deconstructs notions of volumes, voids, and darkness as a phenomenon. A print head rapidly creates new objects inside of a transparent hemisphere filled with gel. Performers oscillate between pragmatic actions and cloaked, spiraling dances. Nipper unites a rigorous study of forms and voids with chance encounters between performers, machines, and the spaces in between. The work was created in part at the Granoff Center at Brown University.

Image credit: Kelly Nipper, Untitled, 2017 (A), 2017


Co-commissioned and Co-produced by the Brown Arts Initiative. Supported by the Performa Commissioning Fund.

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