François Dallegret, with Dimitri Chamblas and François Perrin

The Environment-Bubble

Central Park, Mineral Springs 

Located north of Sheep Meadow

Free, please RSVP for the dance workshops

A widely influential blueprint designed in 1965 by Canadian architect François Dallegret, “The Environment-Bubble” is brought to life for the first time. Initially envisioned as a flexible, temporary dome that would transform our modes of living, the “Bubble” became a reference point for generations of architects questioning their discipline and seeking a radical dissolution of public and private spaces. For Performa 17, Dallegret collaborates with architect François Perrin and choreographer Dimitri Chamblas, to turn the inflatable structure into an active site of intellectual and physical engagement with free daily dance workshops, open to the public. 

Image credit: François Dallegret, The Environment-Bubble: Transparent Plastic Bubble Dome Inflated by Air-Conditioning output showing architecture as a "fit environment for human activities," from Reyner Banham, "A Home Is Not a House," Art in America (April 1965). © 1965-2017 François Dallegret; "The Environment-Bubble," Central Park, New York City, 2017, François Dallegret, Dimitri Chamblas François Perrin


The Environment-Bubble by François Dallegret, a collaboration with Dimitri Chamblas and François Perrin. Co-curated by Charles Aubin and François Perrin. Supported by Canada Council for the Arts, Robert M. Rubin, the Performa Commissioning Fund, and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States. Presented in partnership with CalArts Dance.