Anu Vahtra

Open House Closing. A Walk

Performa 17 Biennial Hub
427 Broadway
New York, NY 10013

The performance will begin at the Performa 17 Hub, and walk throughout SoHo. 

Free with RSVP

Anu Vahtra’s project Open House Closing. A Walk activates vacant storefronts and spaces in SoHo, each displaying a different “scene" in an overall narrative. Vahtra is renowned for her artistic approach to site-specific space-oriented subjects and for the diligent methods of articulating them. Vahtra’s site-specific installations, which often include photography, use the space around them, making the site both the subject and the form of the work. For Performa, Vahtra looks to the legacy of Gordon Matta-Clark and the current phenomenon of “post-gentrification,” to draw links between SoHo’s past and present.

Download performance playbill

Image credit: Photos by Piibe Kolka.


Organized by Esa Nickle and Maaike Gouwenberg, with Estonian Curatorial Fellow Evelyn Raudsepp. Co-presented by the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center. Supported by Performa Commissioning Fund and Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center.

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