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  • Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley, The Newcomers
    Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley
    The Newcomers

    With The Newcomers, an architectural installation and durational performance, Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley propose a responsive form of habitation that challenges the discipline to think beyond permanence. 


  • Barbara Kruger at Coleman Skatepark, Untitled (Skate)
    Barbara Kruger at Coleman Skatepark
    Untitled (Skate)

    Created in partnership with NYC Parks and skate park designer Steve Rodriguez, Barbara Kruger will employ her signature effects and strategies to broadcast messages that engage issues of and ideas about power, desire, adoration, contempt, and capital at New York’s most popular skatepark underneath the Manhattan Bridge.


  • Kwani Trust, Everyone is Radicalizing (Day Three)
    Kwani Trust
    Everyone is Radicalizing (Day Three)

    Wangechi Mutu and Curator Adrienne Edwards discuss interrelation of abstraction and performance in Mutu's work, followed by a discussion of "Contemporary Literature and Radicalization."


  • Wangechi Mutu and Adrienne Edwards in Conversation
    Wangechi Mutu and Adrienne Edwards in Conversation

    The Performa 17 biennial artist and curator discuss the interrelation of abstraction and performance in Mutu's work over the past two years. 


  • Anu Vahtra, Open House Closing. A Walk
    Anu Vahtra
    Open House Closing. A Walk

    Anu Vahtra’s project Open House Closing. A Walk activates vacant storefronts and spaces in SoHo, each displaying a different “scene" in an overall narrative. Vahtra is renowned for her artistic approach to site-specific space-oriented subjects and for the diligent methods of articulating them. Vahtra’s site-specific installations, which often include photography, use the space around them, making the site both the subject and the form of the work. For Performa, Vahtra looks to the legacy of Gordon Matta-Clark and the current phenomenon of “post-gentrification,” to draw links between SoHo’s past and present.


Ongoing Projects

  • Barbara Kruger, Untitled (School)
    Barbara Kruger
    Untitled (School)

    Barbara Kruger’s wrapped school bus can be seen driving around Manhattan and parked outside various Performa venues throughout the Biennial. Grounded in activism, feminism and community, Kruger’s signature text is reproduced on a large-scale vinyl format, covering the bus’s forty–foot-long shell.


  • Barbara Kruger (Billboard), Untitled (Know, Believe, Forget)
    Barbara Kruger (Billboard)
    Untitled (Know, Believe, Forget)

    Barbara Kruger uses her instantly recognizable—and frequently appropriated—visual style of delivering highly charged, terse phrases in white Futura Bold font over red blocks to deliver messages around consumerism and feminism inside a skate park, and other public places. 


  • Performa 17 Biennial Hub
    Performa 17 Biennial Hub

    Commissioned since Performa 09, the Hub, this year designed by Berlin’s Studio Miessen, is the nerve center and heart of the biennial’s and the Performa Institute’s presence. Spontaneously intersect with staff, books, screenings, events, and artist-in-residence Kenyan literary network Kwani Trust.